Mokk-a is back – with a vengeance!


We are excited and very happy to announce that – after a prolonged period of difficulties with our two previous roasters – we are restarting with a new roaster.


We currently are crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s with The Grand Marceline Company, a top quality family-run coffee roaster in the hometown of Walt Disney. As I write this, they are making the finishing touches on creating all your favorite Mokk-a coffee blends, following the original recipes that I collected when I started this business to the letter.


Tastings are all but finalized, coffee bags – with a new design – are being printed,  and we expect to commence shipping our coffees again around mid March 2016!


At this time I would like to express my gratitude for all the expressions of support and loyalty you have been sending me in the past months. They gave me the strength to get through this difficult time. And of course it’s always wonderful when clients write how much they love Mokk-a coffees and wish that the shelves would be restocked soon.


Please keep an eye on the site, we will bring further news here as it develops. We are working with our distributors to take orders from them. They are as excited as we are. And pretty soon we will reopen the web shop, too.


Thank you for your patience, support and loyalty. I can’t begin to express how proud I am of my clients.


Thanks again –Karen


  1. Pieter Huizinga


    Dear Karen,

    What a wonderful news! I knew you could do it.
    I’ll order a case of café Italia as soon as you open the web shop!

    Good luck and lots of success,

  2. J. Antone


    Hey There! So happy to learn that you’re starting up again! You have so many friends and fans in Texas; folks you probably don’t even remember. A good many of them are friends of mine from Dallas and Austin. We all love your coffees, and are thrilled that they’ll be available again soon. (Yes! word gets around fast among coffee lovers…); but, those I’m in close touch with agree that the tastings you hosted when you came to town were a big part of our fondness for your products. You seem to have your own special sunshine. It’s a rare gift, and it adds a divine sweetness to your coffees. I know I speak for just a few of your many customers but wanted to let you know that we have missed your presence as much as our favorite blends. Anyway, Hooray! -and- please come back soon!

  3. Carolina


    I must say the Cafe Svenska is my favorite coffee ever! I used to get it at Central Market and recently found out that they are no longer selling it. I have done my research as I am on your website figured out the issue. Glad to see your update post that you are coming back! I will stay tuned. You have a loyal customer here in Dallas Texas.
    Please come back soon!!!! I have purchased two other brands and NO comparison :).

  4. Sheila Noble


    Karen – So very pleased you are back and look forward to using your coffee again! Congratulations!


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