2019 is here! We all extend our best wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Safe 2019!

In anticipation of Mokk-a’s 10 year anniversary, I think back to one of the first compliments received from a noted Wine advisor here in Holland. He wrote,

“I just tried your coffee this morning and I think it’s a beautiful coffee. Good smell that make’s you hungry for more. In the taste strong, elegant, filming, nice bitters with a long after taste. Not dominant.”

Since that time, we have received many, many more.

So now we say Thank You again to all of our very special clients, fans and retailers for your continued support of Mokk-a over the years! We look forward with great anticipation to our next 10 years and to continuing our relationship with all of you.

So for now, kick back, and enjoy a nice hot cup of Mokk-a!


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