One Valentine’s Day…

The Most Chocolaty Chocolate has a secret ingredient – Coffee! The week before Valentine’s Day this year, I invited my mother-in-law, a devoted chocaholic and romantic, and two recently wed girlfriends to dinner.  They are sappily in love; I knew they would be the perfect guests for the celebration of all thing hearts and roses. […]

Mokk-a is Five

MOKK-A IS FIVE YEARS OLD now…so let’s take a moment to look back to the beginning. (As told to Margot Dockrell)   I’d been toying with the idea of starting my own business for years, and after a life-changing cup of what became Café Svenska, the idea of coffee suddenly sounded like an interesting new project! […]

Does Coffee Make You Smarter?

“Coffee Improves Test Scores” read the headline of a short article in the New York Times Science section a few Tuesdays ago.  The study was not repeated every month for ten years the way scientists like to, but the results still seemed significant.  Two groups of adults were gathered together to take a battery of […]

Coffee and a Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree is not perfect this year.  It’s too short for one thing, and even though it wants to be watered constantly, which may or may not be a result of the cat drinking out of the stand; it has been dropping needles at an alarming rate, producing a thick carpet of green around […]

Coffee and Whiskey

As soon as we wake up every morning, I take my rickety old dog for a leisurely amble not on a lead but letting her choose the route.  This morning she took me through the field beyond the house and down the wooded embankment to a little brook that runs along the edge of our […]