Coffee Facts

Interesting things worth knowing….. • Approximately 20 million people work in the coffee industry worldwide. • Coffee is the second most actively traded commodity, right after oil. • Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer. • The estimated value of the export of green coffee is 10 billion dollar. • Coffee has many different varieties, […]

What is wet processed coffee?

How Coffee Cherries Become Coffee Beans Once coffee berries (or cherries) have been harvested, the outer portion of the fruit must be removed to produce the green coffee beans. There are two methods commonly used: wet processing and dry processing. Multi-step wet processing is more expensive, but it results in higher quality coffee. It is […]

Coffee Aroma Alone Combats Sleep Deprivation

The research on coffee, which appeared in Annals of Internal Medicine, showed that coffee drinkers live longer than their abstaining peers. After accounting for the fact that joe-fiends are also relatively hedonistic (they drink more booze, smoke more cigarettes and exercise less) scientists found they actually lived slightly longer than people who didn’t slam down […]

Coffee and Your Health

Eat (Chocolate), Drink (Coffee) and be Merry! Scientists find a double health punch in two of our favorite legalized substances. Just What the Doctor Ordered Stumped at the café? Go for a mocha. According to new research, the tasty beverage provides a double-whammy of health benefits: chocolate may slow cancer growth, and java could help you […]