About Mokk-a Coffee

Our Story

Mokk-a’s recipes were created many years ago by European families and passed down through generations. The blends were perfected until they were something to be proud of. And now, our effort to perfectly duplicate the blend to the satisfaction of the European roasters and our customers continues. Mokk-a has spent a decade sharing those recipes with customers around the world.


A Note From The Founder

Mokk-a was inspired by an idea – to bring the best European coffee recipes to homes everywhere. A collection of European Coffees from different countries? I’d never seen that before.

And so I set out to meet with roasters from each region, and Mokk-a was born. The research to locate these very special coffees was fun and an adventure in itself. And when I met with buyers and saw their joy when they first experienced Mokk-a, it was a confirmation that we were doing something right.

Every country has a different palate for food, and coffee. When you think of France you think “Dark". When you think of Italy you think “Strong,” “Lovely,” “Espresso.” And that’s the way it works.

– Karen Hawa, Mokk-a Founder