Coffee Facts

Interesting things worth knowing…..

• Approximately 20 million people work in the coffee industry worldwide.
• Coffee is the second most actively traded commodity, right after oil.
• Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer.
• The estimated value of the export of green coffee is 10 billion dollar.
• Coffee has many different varieties, more than 60!
• Only two coffee varieties have an economic significance: Arabica and Robusta.
• Black coffee (without sugar or milk) does not contain calories (less than 1 Kcal.)
• Caffeinated coffee shows a beneficial effect on alertness and improves performance in a variety of tasks in both day and night sessions.
• The popularity of dark roasted coffee is high in Southern Europe.
• A good coffee tree can produce up to 1 kg of raw coffee per year.
• In contrast to what most people think, coffee does not grow in plain brown beans,   but in red berries carrying green beans (two beans per berry).
• During roasting the coffee beans dry out and the sugars in the beans start to caramelise.
• The most important form of trade in coffee are both the stock market and the ‘effective’ coffee trade.
• The quality of a cup of coffee does not depend on the blend only but also on the ratio of the amount of water and coffee used for brewing.
• The present coffee producing belt around the globe encompasses approximately 70 countries.
• Coffee only grows in tropical and sub-tropical regions.
• The coffee tree needs an average temperature of between 17° C and 23° C as well as abundant precipitation and good soil conditions.
• The original home of coffee was the Abyssinian highlands.