Our Story

Karen, CEO Mokk-a coffees


To provide high-quality gourmet coffees created with true European recipes to coffee lovers worldwide.

This is the story of an American coffee lover determined to bring Europe’s finest coffees home. It all started with what seemed to be a crazy idea, was introduced as “The Most Innovative New Product on the Market,” and has now charmed the hearts and palates of coffee lovers everywhere.

“I followed my dream to the tiniest, most romantic villages in Europe, the passionate south of Italy, the trade area of Sweden and the Bourgogne region in rural France.” —Karen Hawa


And so the story goes. In early 2009 Café Svenska, Café Italia, and Café France had their launch in the US.

We will continue searching for coffees regarded as “The Charm of Europe.” Travel with us and enjoy these excellent Old World tastes in the comfort of your own home!

It is Real.

It is Unique

It is a tradition.

Old World dedication to perfection, and an expression of pride passed down through generations.

Now, it is Mokk-a!

There is Nothing in the World as Powerful as an Idea Whose Time Has Come.