How Austria Got Its Name

Hi guys! It's me, Monica.

Sorry that it’s been a while since you heard from me. It’s been gorgeous weather and I’ve kept myself pleasantly distracted by popping in and out of antique stores. All the silver trinkets and porcelain knick-knacks are fine to look at but I don’t really care for dusting. Not to mention I just couldn’t stay indoors. I love being outside.

Oh boy. It’s starting to warm up in Europe. Especially the traditionally warmer countries are really hot. In those countries, even the locals are starting to complain about it being so warm and dry.

When the weather starts to trend toward hot I like to travel to cooler climates. So, before moving on to Switzerland (I can’t wait to try Swiss coffee again. Cafe Suisse is divine.), I've decided to visit Austria for a couple of weeks. Austria has such beautiful countryside and, lucky for me, mountains. It’s cooler in the mountains and there is nothing like mountain air. 

Another reason I like Austria is because of its rich and diverse history. It was once the heart of European power and the House of Habsburg. I bet they drank coffee too.  I’ll tell you a bit more about that later. Now I wanted to start at the beginning and how Austria got its name.

“Ӧsterreich” (in English pronounced - oh-stir-rike). The origins of Austria’s name date back as far as 996 AD when it was used to describe the borderlands of Bavaria. The ancient high German word Ostarrici simply refers to the Eastern Realm. Before the 12th century, the area was called “Marchia austriaca” (March of Austria) and was later shortened to just Austria, as we know it today. 

It seems that as the language changed, the spelling did too. However, I think it all pretty much sounds similar enough and it all refers to the same location, give or take a few kilometers.

Next stop: Vienna. I want to try Vienna Melange using Cafe Suisse.

I’m taking enough Mokk-a Coffees Cafe Suisse (Swiss) because I staying in Switzerland for the summer.

Until soon,