Life Takes Us on Crazy Journey’s!!

“A national radio show host, a European Coffee Company CEO/owner, and a Texas rancher all walk into a bar. The bartender asked them, “What’ll it be?” The beginning of a good yarn or a joke you may ask?” Quote from Bart Simmons, owner of 2S Ranch and The Provision House in Dallas, Texas.

“We all attended the same high school in the sleepy gulf coast town of Beaumont, Texas over 45 years ago.”

“We didn’t walk into a bar…..we actually connected over coffee, beef, and media. Life is interesting and takes us all on crazy journeys. Keep an eye on for the epilogue to this story.”

In 2003, Bart Simmons Founder, fulfilled a lifelong dream when he purchased the 2S Ranch located 50 miles west of DFW in Palo Pinto, Texas. Over the next decade he transformed the ranch, replacing acres and acres of cedar trees (which heavily tax the water supply, and in fact, are foreign to Texas) with beautiful oak savannahs filled with native Texas grasses. He wanted the 2S Ranch to be built on sustainability, which is why great care was taken to restore its land and soil.

After a decade of work, the 2S Ranch had enough acreage of quality Texas grasses to begin providing 100% grass fed beef. Bart could have sold the meat to a lot of different places, but instead he decided to provide customers with a unique opportunity to be able to get to know their rancher and meat provider. So, in 2014, Bart opened The Provision House in order to deliver 100% grass fed beef right from his ranch to your door.

“I’ve got my mind set on walking into a bar in Rotterdam to have that drink with my Beaumont buddies!” says Bart. And I personally can’t wait to see them on this side of the ocean.

Want a really Special Texas Steak. Check out THE PROVISION HOUSE. Pick them up at their location. 13619 Inwood Road, Dallas, Texas… or place an order from their website and it will be delivered to your door! I promise you won’t be disappointed!! might even be lucky enough to enjoy a nice cup of Mokk-a or bag of Mokk-a! while you are shopping! ‘-))

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