Mokk-a and Whole Foods

Mokk-a and Whole Foods….a bit of a year end update for 2010!!

Sorry about my delay in writing!  It took me awhile to recover from my trip in June and I returned two days ago from another six week journey in the US.

The trip began with a Party!!  Yes Mokk-a was featured at the Dallas Art Dealers Association’s 25th Anniversary celebration on 25 September.  What a wonderful day it was.  We served coffee for the panel discussions in the morning and early afternoon, then to a wonderful event at the Dallas Contemporary Art Museum that evening.  There were about 700 people in attendance.  Mokk-a, I must say,  was a hit!  Thought most people would be drinking wine and beer but turned out we were brewing all evening.  Thanks so much Janet and John for you help and support!!

We are also now proud to announce the introduction of Mokk-a into the Southwest Region of Whole Foods!  You may have noticed a few stores listed in my past tasting schedule.  Now, as a result of buyer parties during my June trip to Texas Mokk-a is now on the shelf in 15 of the 19 stores in the region including 2 in Louisiana…..New Orleans Arabella Station and Whole Foods Metairie.  Here’s a picture of my tasting in New Orleans Halloween Weekend.

Central Market continues to be most supportive.  Received this note,“ Karen,  we are doing a Spanish Event next year.  Do you know of any good Spanish coffees we could sell during our two week celebration?”  So looks like Spain will enter the picture very soon!

I have been asked to launch Café Suisse early next year, have to be in San Francisco to exhibit at the Fancy Food Show 16 – 18 January them maybe, just maybe…….I can take a small break and heard for Spain…..and few days on the beach and LOTS OF COFFEE!

Oh and please subscribe to the Central Market email blast if you have not already done so and watch for the Mokk-a story to be published and Blasted out to over 600,000 people in early December!

Now don’t forget Mokk-a for the holidays!