Mokk-a Coffee in Texas Central Market Stores

Mokk-a coffee was officially launched in the US market starting in the 8 Central Market stores in Texas in May of this year.  Cafe Svenska, Cafe Italia, and Cafe France are selling quite well at the moment.  For new product in such a competative and mature market, that kind of says something about the quality!

I received this comment a few days ago:

A true coffee lover with discriminating taste enjoys trying new blends or roasts and may find your European blends far more palatable, as I do.  Perhaps they transport me to the faraway places but keep me grounded (sorry!) at the same time.  I need good coffee to start my day – everyday.  It’s too important in my daily ritual to start out with a less than palatable cup of coffee.  And since good food starts with the eyes, good coffee starts with the aroma of the beans, long before brewing begins.  It sets the tone for my day.   (Nothing like a bad cup of coffee to get one off to a lousy start!)

Next time you are in a Central Market, give Mokk-a a try!  Then let me know what you think!