My Travels

In the years I’ve lived in Europe I have been fortunate enough to travel to many unique places. Often to countries I’d never thought about visiting.


My first trip across the ocean was in 1976. I was headed for Northern Ireland and a small place called Ballycastle on the Northern coast. I flew into Belfast and lived for the next 10 days in a house with 16 family members. It was one of the most memorable times of my life. The next adventure was Siberia….we will not go into that…. you can read about it on the blog.

In my travels I meet people and am often invited into their homes. I am honored to enjoy and experience their day to day lives, and their most amazing coffees.

My Mokk-a journey is an attempt to share all that I have experienced and learned in the last 30 + years. To make you rethink the way you travel. To make you realize that visiting a country for a day or two does not allow you to get to know the country or its’ people. Slow down a bit. Instead of a whirlwind tour of Europe, consider visiting a city for a week, sit in a café for an hour or two and watch the people, talk to them about their lives.

Enjoy the tastes of their kitchens and savor the aroma of their coffees. Then and only then can you truly say “you’ve been there.”

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