The Bio of Karen Hawa – The Creation of Mokk-a

Bio Karen Hawa/The Creation of Mokk-a

This is the story of an American coffee lover determined to bring Europe’s finest coffees home.
I followed my dream to the tiniest, most romantic villages in Europe…the passionate south of Italy, the trade area of Sweden and the Bourgogne region in rural France.

My search began while traveling in Sweden with some friends. We stopped at a café and it was there that I fell in love. The coffee’s flavor was exquisite. I lingered in that café until they told where it came from. It was the divine creation of a very small local roaster. I searched for him, spoke with him and fortunately for me, he loved my ideas & American creativity. He agreed to work with me and Café Svenka was born.

Something inside compelled me to go on, although it may have just been the caffeine….

My journey took me to Italy next. After sampling a number of coffees, I arrived in Naples in early February 2008. There I met Angelo, the son of the owner of a small roasting facility. We drove one hour outside of Naples to the small village where his family lived. I told them how truly unique I thought their coffee was and asked if they’d sell me the recipe. Angelo, turned in his chair and promptly responded, “You must be crazy!!” This conversation continued until June of that year when he signed the contract. Finally! Café Italia was mine!

My next coffee-quest destination was Puligny-Montrachet, in the beautiful Burgundy region of France. I was going to meet with an elderly roaster I had heard about there. He was 80+ years old and his recipes had been passed down through generations. Entering his very small shop (which looked like something out of a Harry Potter movie) I explained that I had tried his coffee and found this particular one lovely. Would he also consider selling me the recipe?

And so the story goes…….In early 2009 Café Svenska, Café Italia and Café France, introduced as The Most Innovative New Product on the Market, had their official launch in the US market.
We will continue searching for these coffees which many regard as “The Charm of Europe”. Travel with us and enjoy these excellent Old World tastes in the comfort of your own home!”